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At Collegiate Schools, sports and academics are inextricably linked. Each provides a unique path for building confidence, cooperation and leadership skills. Playing sports also helps students maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Our athletic program provides all students the opportunity to participate in sports at all levels from elementary instruction to interscholastic competition.

Our inclusive participation policy ensures that every student has the opportunity to be a part of a team. While not mandatory, nearly all students, primary through higher secondary students, play at least one sport. Many play two, three or even four!

Good sportsmanship and fair play are reinforced throughout the season by coaches and instructors and is expected of all players. Victories are always exciting and help teams and players feel good, but good sportsmanship and a passion for the game are what we strive to achieve.

We approach each practice and contest with the following goals in mind:

  • To develop students physically, mentally, socially and emotionally;
  • To provide experiential opportunities for students to develop positive habits, attitudes and leadership skills in preparation for adult life;
  • To help students develop a deep understanding of the value of athletics and physical fitness in a balanced educational process and lifestyle;
  • To help student athletes learn how to win and lose gracefully by learning lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork and competition;
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice self-discipline and develop emotional maturity as they learn to make decisions under pressure;
  • To help students develop social competence as they compete within a set of rules, thus developing high ideals for fairness in all human relationships and respect for the rights of others;
  • To help student athletes recognize the privilege of participation and their responsibilities to their school, their sport, their community and themselves;
  • To strive for playing excellence that will produce winning teams within the framework of good sportsmanship and mental health of the student athlete;
  • To promote school spirit and help all our students, faculty, staff and parents - spectators as well as participants - develop pride in Collegiate Schools.

Collegiate Schools pride themselves in its pursuit of sporting excellence and elite performance competing in local, regional and national competitions across a wide range of sports and age groups. Pupils participate in a minimum of three sports afternoons per week, and can train up to five times with their team on top of individual training programmes. Collegiate Schools provide competitive and recreational opportunities for our students and support those who show great potential through scholarship programs, as well as with dedicated support from our coaches, instructors and academic staff.

Pre-season training is an integral part of our programme, and highly successful sports tours regularly take our pupils to various schools in different geographies across the country to train with the best coaches and compete against the best teams across India.


Coaching of top teams is lead by the Heads of Sports, many of whom have performed at the highest level.


Collegiate Schools offer excellent modern facilities and are usually planned with landscaped sporting facilities, which include: gymnasia, specially-equipped rooms for sport , tennis courts, 25-metre swimming pool, football ground, basketball court, volleyball court, athletics track, playground for the juniors equipped with apparatus and an open-air theatre.

Off campus, Collegiate Schools have unlimited access to large auditoriums, riding schools, stadiums and a golf course.

Medical support

Head of the School medical practice has a sport and exercise background. Our staff are trained to assess and treat injuries or aches. Referrals are made through the GP at the medical room or infirmary. Appointments held initially at the infirmary may progress to the fitness suite, if a rehabilitation programme is to be followed.

Sport is one of the pillars of life at Collegiate School, and this is no less true for pupils in the Primary School than it is for those in middle, secondary or higher secondary schools. We want all our pupils to be fit and healthy; to develop skills that will help them to get more out of the sports they play; to enjoy competing for their School or House with pride; and to learn to win without triumph and to lose without despair. From the time they arrive in Collegiate Schools, pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of sports, and team sports are particularly important in Class III-V. The co-operation and camaraderie of the sports field are vital ingredients in the social life of Collegiate Schools, and also provide important lessons for life.

Weekly training sessions are usually held from 2:30PM to 4:00PM on various fields and pitches in the school. Matches are followed by tea in school grounds, where parents are welcome to share the excitement of their children's match over tea and refreshments.

The coaching staff is composed of a team of top level internal and external coaches, as well as residential Sports Fellows.

Athletics is a thriving and successful run club that welcomes members of all abilities. It is offered throughout the academic session and has a long history as a sport within Collegiate Schools, the first competition being recorded in 1862.

Most Collegiate Schools have a wonderful grass running track at its games fields. The 400m track operates alongside a pair of jump pits, a Shot Put and Discuss circle and a Javelin field.

Each year group receives coaching during their games afternoon across the variety of field and running events. A programme that culminates in a full year group is the Sports Day. The sports days are very well attended by pupils and parents and are famed for demonstrating the full range of ability on show at Collegiate Schools.

The athletics staff aim to give all students at Collegiate Schools the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities so that they can reach their potential. Regardless of the standard of the athlete, our program embraces any student wishing to compete in athletics with the aim of enjoyment, friendship and character development being at the forefront of our coaching philosophy.

The top class facilities available to the students within Collegiate Schools ensure that they can be well prepared and at peak fitness for the range of competitions that they enter. Variation and cross training is encouraged and this program develops a capability within to perform under pressure in all environments. The combination of sand hills, bush tracks and the strength and conditioning room all lead to success on the track and in the field.

Football at Collegiate Schools has established itself as a popular sport. The School has committed significant resources into developing a marvellous football facilities to cater for all students, boys and girls, across a wide variety of ability levels.

We supplement our enthusiastic and experienced teaching staff who form the base of the coaching program with a number of professional coaches from the local geography, to ensure that all students are extended and reach their maximum potential during training.

Close links with professional organisations in the country ensure that we have the capability of delivering a coaching program designed to foster the development of players at an early age. A concentration on skills and fitness supplement the technical and tactical focus of the program and Collegiate Schools have seen a marked improvement in results over time.

Students develop a great deal of confidence and self-belief as a result of the development of skills that enables them to be competitive and self-assured as they pass through the program. Teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline under pressure are all by-products of player development and lead to educational benefits for students both on and off the field. Additional team training sessions take place each week at school. Senior footballers attend gym training and all students are encouraged to improve fitness through use of training programmes in the schools' gymnasium.

Our facilities generate interest from a variety of organisations and the annual tournaments have become regular on the calendar of many clubs from far and wide. In fact, Collegiate School football ground and plentiful training facilities are widely recognised as being amongst the best in the local school circuit. Collegiate Schools' grounds are used on an annual basis to host regional football tournaments and competitions.

We have an enthusiastic and supportive parents' support group that work hard to create a bond with all families of the players involved in the sport. Coaching and matches take place during the School's games afternoons, from Monday to Friday. The culmination of activities on any Saturday sees the Collegiate School run out to do battle against the opposition from other schools in the competition.

Basketball was introduced to Collegiate Schools in 1957 as an alternative summer sport and has since experienced a rapid growth in numbers of players, now being the largest participation sport throughout the year.

Basketball is a games option available to all students through Primary to Higher Secondary Schools and specialist coaching is given.

Teams have competed in local, regional and national competitions. Teams train twice a week and play each Saturday during the season. In addition to this, the senior teams take part in major pre-season and mid-season tournaments as well as training camps during school vacations. A biennial player development tour is organised to the best schools in the country and this becomes a highlight of the students' basketball experience at Collegiate Schools. The players are given the opportunity to play against numerous well ranked national school teams across the country and the experience gained is invaluable to the students' experience and knowledge of the game.

Some of our Schools comprise an impressive basketball venue that has been used for games and training by visiting school teams. Most Collegiate Schools boast two full sized courts, a fully equipped strength and conditioning gymnasium.

The Collegiate School basketball program engages highly experienced and professional senior coaches with strong links to national level Basketball organizations and championships in India and elsewhere. Over the years, several students have gained opportunities to further their basketball career after leaving Collegiate Schools globally, as the result of the sound foundation laid down whilst participating in the training program at Collegiate Schools, and the pathways that are made available for them through school and representative networks.

Hockey, the national sport of India, is a major sport in Collegiate Schools internationally. All students are encouraged to play some hockey at the school whether it be in school teams or inter house competitions. The school fields up to 5 hockey teams on a Saturday and endeavours to provide competitive matches for all students.

Collegiate Schools have some of the finest hockey facilities, including Astroturf, in schools across the globe. This means that all students play hockey on Astroturf every week in most schools. However, we anticipate that Collegiate Schools in India will have natural grass fields, to begin with, for Hockey training and tournaments.

Students from Collegiate Schools have achieved national representation at their age group level and many students go on to play the game at the highest standard.

Tennis at Collegiate Schools is a very popular sport with over 150 students utilising the outstanding facilities, usually cement hard courts and grass courts. Tennis lessons are available to students of all ages and abilities, and first class coaching and encouragement of the highest level of sportsmanship enriches the development of all participants.

Tennis at Collegiate Schools began as early as mid-1800s, and the Tennis Club was formed in 1827. The Club provides students and parents with an avenue to organise and participate in Family Social Tennis days, Boys' Tennis Tournaments, Girls' Tennis Tournaments and Annual Tennis awards evenings and dinners.

The tennis club offers matches against the major schools in the country, as well as local teams in every age group. Equally, more leisurely tennis players are also encouraged. Whatever level, professional coaching is available for everyone at least once a week.

Most Collegiate Schools boast a long course deck level pool with competitive racing lanes and diving blocks, and swimming is a popular sport with students, both boys and girls. All our swimming pools are equipped with well trained life guards.

The competitive season runs through the summers with competitions for all age groups. Swimming is also available as a non-competitive sport for all pupils whatever their ability. Collegiate Schools swimming pools are available to the pupils at various times during the week and weekends outside the timetable.

Cricket is Collegiate Schools' major field sport and has developed considerably in recent times and we have a healthy following for the game in a variety of forms including twenty/20 cricket, one day international format. Collegiate Schools have an outstanding reputation as one of the finest cricket playing schools. The cricket club is open to all years in the school, and with grass pitches all students can expect to play on top quality wickets.

Collegiate Schools in India have a central cricket academy for the benefit of the students in the school which provides them with regular access to excellent coaching and facilities all year round. Facilities available to students include cricket nets within the School premises with full length run-ups (44m long) as well as outdoor grass nets.

Coaching and matches take place during the School's games afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Collegiate School teams follow a full programme of competitive inter school fixtures as well as enters its teams into various competitions. These fixtures are played on Saturday mornings with all students arriving and being released from School by 2:00PM.

The appointment of keen and highly qualified teaching staff, supplemented by expert consultant coaches, enables the students to benefit and develop their skills under the watchful eye of someone who can encourage and correct technique as required.