Dear Prospective Families:

Welcome to Collegiate Schools (India), an independent group in the network of schools globally.

We are thrilled that you are exploring Collegiate Schools as the choice for your child's education. We are eager to demonstrate to you why families, like yours, value their child's/children's education, and therefore have become a part of the Collegiate community.

Collegiate Schools prepare talented, diverse students to pursue a college education and a lifetime of learning in order to make a difference to their country and to engage the 21st century world. Collegiate School students stand out for their exceptional academic preparation, outstanding character, and confident leadership. The Collegiate Schools are committed to providing the most diverse learning environment possible, bringing together students and families with an appreciation for the richness offered by cultural, socio-economic, gender, and geographic diversity. Collegiate graduates depart our schools exceptionally well prepared for highly selective colleges and universities throughout the world.

You may be wondering, "What makes Collegiate Schools stand apart from other schools?" The answer is simple: our faculty. Collegiate Schools' dedicated faculty challenges students to stretch their academic limits every day. Each and every day, our teachers find new, creative and exciting ways to engage their students. They become lifelong mentors for our students and are committed not just to academic growth but emotional and physical development of the whole child. It's The Collegiate Schools Way.

Our students are the heart and soul of our school. Through the Collegiate Schools journey, our students become independent thinkers and develop a secure sense of self. They embrace the global diversity of their peers and are enriched by different ideas and opinions other than their own. Here, respect is not just a dictionary word but an expectation that flows back and forth among students, faculty, staff and parents.

The best way for you to see what the Collegiate School difference is all about experiencing it for yourself. Please fill out our online enquiry form to request an admission docket.

Best wishes,

Governing Body
(Collegiate Schools, India)