School Visit

You are most welcome to visit our Collegiate Schools at the locations once they come up and have an informal discussion with or without your child. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with our Head of Admissions & Communication at our corporate office through mail at "". A meeting can also be arranged with the School Director or any other faculty member that you may wish to see.


Parents are requested to be candid and honest in providing information in the admission application form. Adverse information if any, whether scholastic or behavioural, will not be a ground for refusal of any admission request. Any such information would in fact help the school to create a suitable environment for your child, once admitted. Any wrong information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to cancellation of admission.

  • Please collect the application and medical fitness forms from the Admissions Office.
  • Return the
  • completed application
  • medical fitness form
  • copies of academic records (transcripts or reports of last two years of former school),
  • copy of birth certificate, and
  • three passport size photographs of the child
  • The Admissions Office will inform about student assessment and parent interaction dates.
  • Upon completion of the assessment, the Admissions Office will send the admissions acceptance letter.

Age Requirement

By August 1, the child should have reached the age of

  • 3 years for Pre-primary
  • 4 years for Kindergarten
  • 6 years for Class-I


The parent/guardian interaction is as pleasant and non-intimidating as we can make it. It is normally conducted by Head of Admissions, School Director, the respective Principal, Head Mistress (as applicable). We are interested in knowing about the child's/ student's educational development, use of language, social skills, academic enthusiasm and extra-curricular interests. The aim of the interaction is to find about what the student knows, understands and enjoys.

While coming for the interaction please bring with you the following:

  • Examples of the applicant's school work in the form of exercise books, portfolios etc.
  • Primary applicants (up to Grade 5) should bring at least one book which they are currently reading inside or outside school.

Primary school candidates are examined by the Primary School Head Mistress. This is an oral interaction and the child may also be requested to perform some simple activities.

Admission seekers for Class VI-IX have an oral interaction and a written test. Testing is done for Basic English and Mathematics. For Class IX, students will also be assessed for Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Students are only taken into Class X if they are transferring from a similar school and their admission is based on reports from their existing school and an interaction and test.

Admission to Class XI is by oral interaction, written tests in English, Mathematics. All secondary and higher secondary students also have a meeting with the School Director.

Admissions during the year

Parents may register at any time during the year for admission in the current year and will be considered whenever a place is available.


On being offered a place, parents will be given two weeks time to pay the admission fee (if the student is not joining immediately) and security deposit to secure the place. No student shall be allowed to attend classes unless an ID number has been generated. Parents further need to fill and submit various forms and declarations that would be given along with admissions acceptance letter. Before allowing the student to take up his/her place a transfer certificate should be lodged with the admissions office from the earlier school of the student.

Grant of Admission

If the admission is granted, Collegiate School shall issue an Admission Acceptance Letter and Fee Proforma Invoice to the Parent/Guardian. Parents/Guardians are required to do the following within 15 days of date of Admission Acceptance Letter in order to confirm and reserve the space for their child/ward:

  • Submit the duly signed duplicate copy of Admission Acceptance Letter
  • Deposit Admission Fee and Refundable Security Deposit as detailed in the Fee Performa Invoice
  • Upon receiving the same in order the Admission Office shall intimate the Student's ID Number. This is a unique number allotted to a particular student and should be included in all communication made with school.

Depositing School Fee

Various School Fee as detailed in the Fee Performa Invoice can be deposited at the time of accepting the admission but not later than the dates indicated in the Fee Structure of the school. Students shall not be allowed to attend the school if all or any of the Fee/ Amount is due.

Student Allotments

The Admission Office shall facilitate issuance/ allotment of the following for each student:

  • House
  • Form Group - Each student is part of a form group under a Form Tutor. The Form Tutor becomes the First and Primary contact for the Parent/ Guardian in the school
  • Exit Cards - This is a very important instrument for your child/ward's security. One exit card for every student shall be issued in every academic year (usually two weeks from the time the student joins the school).The Exit Card shall be couriered to the parent with acknowledgement due. Once the card has been received by the parent, it is the parent's responsibility to safeguard / report the loss of this card in writing to the Head of Admissions. The Exit card must be presented, if asked for at the Security Gate of the school or bus stop. Any person carrying valid exit card is authorised to take your child from school.


Parent's Login: All parents are issued their usernames and passwords to access the Parent Portal.