Collegiate Schools are contemporary schools with ancient origins tracing back to 1330. Collegiate Schools prepare talented, diverse students to pursue a college education and a lifetime of learning in order to make a difference in their society and to engage the 21st century world. Collegiate School students stand out for their exceptional academic preparation, outstanding character, and confident leadership. The school is committed to providing the most diverse learning environment possible, bringing together students and families with an appreciation for the richness offered by cultural, socio-economic, gender, and geographic diversity.

Aims of this Policy

  • To ensure compliance with the Collegiate Schools' aims, objects and academic philosophy.
  • To set selection criteria and procedures that are consistent with our aims, objects, philosophy and fair to applicants.
  • To identify applicants whose academic and other abilities appear to match the ethos and standards of the Collegiate Schools and whose personal qualities suggest they have the potential to contribute sufficiently to the School community and benefit from the many opportunities that are offered here.

General Statement of Policy

The Collegiate School must feel confident that it will be able to educate fully any applicant child in line with his/her potential and in accordance with the standards achieved by the would-be pupil's peers, and that he/she would support the aims, ethos and expectations to which the Collegiate aspires.

Entry to the School is by selection on academic merit and on assessment of a pupil's likely positive contribution through good behaviour to the aims, ethos and co-curricular life of the Collegiate School.

  • Collegiate Schools admit pupils without regard to gender, physical ability, caste or creed
  • Age: the applicant must be of the correct age band for the year-group he/she proposes to enter unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with the school.
  • Academic ability: For entry to Class I and above the applicant must attain the required standard in the entrance assessments for the appropriate year-group.
  • If an applicant falls slightly short of the above assessments, a place may still be offered, but at the discretion of the Principal and the Governing Body, and other criteria will apply. These may include further testing in Math and English and references.
  • In the case of an applicant with specific learning difficulties, a full professional report must be submitted in advance of the entrance assessment. Allowance will then be made, but the overriding criterion will be the pupil's ability to cope with the curriculum and level of support offered.
  • In the case of an applicant transferring to the Collegiate School after the start of secondary education (i.e., Class IX-X), the school may, at its discretion, require the first term of attendance to be on a probationary basis. During or at the conclusion of this time, the contract may be terminated by either party without penalty beyond fees already paid.
  • On any occasion where the school intake is over subscribed, seats are allocated on the basis of ability in the entrance assessments. In the event that the above is unable to distinguish between candidates school, references will be taken into account. At other times vacant places will be offered to the next applicant who fulfils the entry criteria.
  • Financial assistance is limited both in terms of the amount and the number of assisted seats. Other Scholarships are applied for and awarded separately and on merit. In these cases, the ability of the child and the available assistance have to be balanced in the Collegiate's assessment of whether or not a place can be offered.
  • In all cases entry will be subject to a satisfactory reference from the applicant's previous school.
  • All applications are treated positively, sympathetically and in confidence.
  • The Collegiate's physical facilities for disabled comply with regulations and it will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the School's culture, policies and procedures are made accessible to children who have disabilities and to comply with its legal and moral responsibilities.


Parents or guardians who wish to appeal against a decision not to offer a place to an applicant may appeal to the Governing Body of the Collegiate School, whose decision is final. Appeals should be addressed directly to the Chairman of the Governing Body at the Collegiate School, and should state the grounds for the appeal.