Basic skills in English language and an understanding of Indian and World history and culture lie at the foundation of education for international understanding. With this in mind, we will work closely with each Collegiate School's to plan and implement programs-appropriate for the relevant age levels-for sending our students to overseas study opportunities, and for taking in exchange students. The main body at our corporate office in Gurgaon - India coordinates exchange arrangements with 15 overseas schools. We will work closely with the program coordinators at each of our school's to exchange relevant information.

International partnerships in Collegiate Schools are categorized based on degrees/levels of collaboration between the schools. The actual exchange of students is more engaging between the schools where the degree of collaboration is higher.


The main focus will be to become aware of the existence of other countries. Video conferences with international schools and daily activities with Collegiate Schools faculty will be used to give kindergarten children opportunities to come in contact with different cultures, and to experience differences in language and culture.

Class I-V

The emphasis here will be on getting students to turn their attention to the world. E-mails, posters, and artwork will be exchanged with students at schools overseas with which Collegiate Schools has partnerships. Video conferences will also be held. Students will learn about differences among cultures.


The spotlight here will be on allowing students to experience differing cultures. Exchange programs with schools that have partnerships with Collegiate Schools will be carried out. By giving opportunities for students to communicate with children overseas of the same age, global sensibilities will be fostered among our students. In the eighth grade, students will have the chance to take part in group field activities and stay at some of our partner campuses.

Class IX and XI

The concerns for these grades shall be the formation of personal identity and the ability to communicate Indian culture abroad. Short, medium, and long-term exchange programs will be carried out with schools that have partnerships with Collegiate Schools. These programs may involve exchanges related to sports or music. Individual students may also choose to pursue longer stays abroad. Each of the programs is different, and can be selected to fit student needs.

We do not encourage international exchanges in Class X and XII as our students are occupied with Board examinations.