Welcome to the website of Collegiate Schools (India), an academically selective group of kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) schools.

Collegiate Schools globally are independent schools with history of hundreds of years, some as old as 600 years. Founders at Collegiate Schools believed in education as a facilitator of social mobility, wanted to found schools of an entirely new kind: a school that would be at the heart of that new and exciting proposition during those times, the University.

Today's Collegiate Schools, proud inheritor of these traditions, have evolved into just that. Each year over 40% of pupils are accepted by the leading global universities, including the Ivy League and over 50% choose courses to suit them at the country's other leading universities. Pupils proceed from Collegiate Schools to the most competitive of universities, in the US, UK and in the rest of the world, and thereafter into all the major professions, with a high number choosing to work in Medicine, Engineering and the Law.

Collegiate Schools believe that at a great school it is not just knowledge that is acquired but the 'arts and habits' that last for a lifetime. Grounded in the values of the liberal arts, Collegiate Schools strive to maintain an appropriate balance among its courses and activities. The Schools treat students as individuals and respects their unique strengths, while offering the most rigorous academic program possible and as a result also have a long standing reputation for producing some of the finest actors, musicians, sportsmen and writers.

Collegiate Schools in India aspire to live up to the proud inheritance of these traditions and deliver strong academic value in K-12, preparing pupils for the best of university education, in India and globally.

This website ranges widely across the school information, from the locations that we plan for Collegiate Schools in India, to how to apply and the financial assistance that we can offer, to the curriculum and activities, to our history and much else. We hope you find it interesting and helpful.