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Education is the most important lever for social and economic transformation. A well-educated population, adequately equipped with relevant knowledge and skills, is not only essential to support social and economic development but also is a precondition for further social and economic development and evolution of the society.

Elementary Education comprising primary (Class I-V) and upper primary (Class VI-VIII) forms the basic block of the education pyramid. We at Collegiate Schools believe that unless this base is strengthened, it is impossible to achieve the goals of universal access to educational opportunities for all, including the weaker and marginalised sections of the society.

Talent Academies, an initiative of Collegiate Schools, aims to address this challenge of quality elementary education for the weaker and marginalised sections of the society. To be launched in all the cities where Collegiate Schools are planned, Talent Academies are affordable private schools designed to leverage the academic infrastructure of the premium Collegiate School in the vicinity.

What are Affordable Private Schools?

Like many countries, India too is facing severe problems with government-run education systems due to limited resources and multiple layers of bureaucracy resulting in ineffective learning environments. As a result, privately owned schools for low-income families have been started in India by educational entrepreneurs or as social initiatives of institutions like Collegiate Schools. These affordable private schools (APSs) are social enterprises that put an emphasis on quality, efficiency and performance, while charging tuition fees that are affordable to low-income families and allow them to cover their costs, ensuring that they become sustainable enterprises. The combined business and academic model is what makes these schools a sustainable market-based solution to increasing the access to and quality of education, as well as providing parents with a viable alternative to ineffective government schools. The parents are paying customers who have the right to demand quality and schools are compelled to offer quality in order to attract students in competitive environments.

Talent Academies - Sustainable social initiative of Collegiate Schools

Recent research shows that basic education in the developing world can be a fee-for-service industry. Adapted by Talent Academies, this model considers families as clients rather than the beneficiaries of charity. Talent Academies charge tuition fees that are affordable to low-income families allowing it to cover costs and become sustainable enterprises.

The local Collegiate School mentored approach in Talent Academies puts an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and performance and creating excellence.

What is the difference between Scholarships and Financial Aid?

Academic, Arts & Music and Sports Scholarships are awarded on a strictly competitive basis and are need blind, i.e. parental income is not taken into account for such scholarships. The system of Financial Aid enables Collegiate Schools to offer free places or places at reduced fees to boys and girls who do well in our entrance examinations but whose parents cannot afford full fees.

A number of means-tested financial aid up to 100% of fees are available at entry for Class I-XII students. They are awarded on the basis of academic ability and financial need. We aim to act as sensitively as possible and very few members of staff and none of the other pupils will be aware that a boy or girl is receiving financial assistance. When a full financial aid is awarded covers the cost of uniform, equipment and compulsory school expenditures.