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Success in the Collegiate Schools Merit Scholarship examinations represents the pinnacle of academic achievement for school students. In addition to the substantial monetary awards available to successful candidates, the scholarship examinations provide the students with a rigorous assessment that compares well with any top scholarship qualification available anywhere in the world.

The Collegiate Schools Merit Scholars program is a highly selective, merit based, needs blind scholarship opportunity that recognizes outstanding students based upon superior academic achievement, standardized test score results, and the potential for making a significant contribution while attending Collegiate School and later in life. Merit Scholarships are available for two (2) students in every class. Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive merit awards for the duration of the academic year. Merit scholarships are awarded based upon superior academic achievement and standardized test results.

Merit Scholarship Levels:

  • 50% of annual fee
  • 25% of annual fee

Art and Music scholarships are offered annually for Class VI-X students. The awards are worth 10% of the annual tuition fee. Any scholarship may be augmented additionally by bursarial support.


Art scholarships are open to all pupils of Class VI-X. We look for pupils who meet the normal academic requirements of the school but who also demonstrate outstanding ability in art, particularly through creativity, imagination, manipulative skills, strong powers of observation and evidence of some specialist language and concepts appropriate to the appreciation of art.

We expect holders of art scholarships to make a significant extra-curricular commitment to their art work. Art scholarships will normally be awarded for the duration of a pupil's school career, but may in the first instance be offered for a fixed duration.

All scholarships are reviewed annually and their continuance is dependent upon satisfactory conduct, attitude, participation and progress. At such a review, holders of awards are expected to assess their own contribution and to set targets for themselves.

Two (2) Sport Scholarships, representing 50% and 25% of tuition fees, are offered, though not necessarily awarded, to pupils in middle and secondary schools. It must be noted that the scholarships, which are tenable for 5 years, will be offered to the two most deserving candidates.

Candidates entering for the Sport Scholarships are tested and interviewed by a panel which includes Sports Staff and one of the Headmistresses during the period of the entrance and scholarship examinations. Besides the obvious criteria of outstanding sporting talent and representation at either regional or district level in one or more sporting events, the successful candidates should exhibit qualities of leadership and sportsmanship in accordance with the school's core values.

Applications are encouraged for students who have all round sporting abilities particularly in the sports available at Collegiate Schools which include: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Marathon, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball.

This scholarship is about providing financial support for quality schooling. It does not provide for ongoing elite coaching. It is expected that the arrangements parents have in place for such coaching will continue. It is expected that successful scholarship winners would participate in a range of sports including competitions.


  • Demonstrated excellence across at least two sports except in special circumstances.
  • Representation in one sport at State level or equivalent or higher (like regional or national level).
  • Evidence of potential for leadership in sport.
  • Participation in school sport at either Primary or Secondary level, except in special circumstances.