• History of Collegiate Schools
  • University Destinations

Collegiate Schools or college-preparatory schools are K-12 schools designed to aid and prepare students for a college or university education. With a history of over 600 years, Collegiate Schools in Europe and North America have a distinguished tradition of inspired teaching and genuine scholarship to prepare pupils for the most competitive of universities across the world, and thereafter into all the major professions, with a high number choosing to work in Medicine, Engineering and the Law. Collegiate Schools also have a long standing reputation for producing some of the finest actors, musicians, sportsmen and writers across the globe.

Independent Collegiate Schools have evolved into centres of academic excellence over last hundreds of years in countries like Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Unites States, Korea and Singapore.

With most Collegiate Schools over 100 years in tradition, some are oldest in their country and over the years flourished and grown in educational offerings, programs, extracurricular activities and facilities.

Collegiate School programs are personalized, planned and progressive, leading to university entrance. Students enjoy an acceptance rate of 100% to university or college and regularly gain admission to the top universities in the US, UK and the respective geographies of each school.

Collegiate Schools have a strong record of placing students into Engineering, Economics and Maths courses as well as into the Medical schools.

  • Approximately 25% of leaving students receive offers from Ivy Leagues in the US and Oxford or Cambridge in the UK.
  • Over 90% of Collegiate School applicants go to their first choice university.
  • Top 40 US and UK universities receive nearly 100% of Collegiate Schools student cohort. They choose to study a very wide range of courses from the traditional Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Classics, Sciences and Modern Languages to Astronomy, Archaeology, Design, Performing Arts and Politics.
  • Popular subject choices include Liberal Arts, Languages, Business, Medicine, Law, the Humanities, Mathematics, Engineering, Architecture and many more.

Collegiate Schools in India aspire to live up to these traditions. Our college preparatory programs are not limited to just counselling; we have the unique distinction of designing in-curriculum and after-school programs for pupils from middle-school onwards.