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Central services group at the corporate office of Collegiate Schools in India is referred as Collegiate Centre of Excellence (CCoE).

CCoE provides a comprehensive package of management services to each Collegiate School with a holistic approach to school success in mind. CCoE is designed to:

  • Improve student achievement in each School;
  • Successfully manage school finances;
  • Manage efficient start-up of new schools;
  • Develop local partnerships.

CCoE is involved from the day of establishing the not-for-profit entity, whether Trust or a Society or a Section 25 company, for each school, to the first day of school when the first batch of students rushes through the gates in expectation of quality education, to the ongoing management of school operations.

CCoE plans, designs and develops each Collegiate School, which includes working with multiple agencies in its inception phase - local district education officers (DEOs) & state education departments, central education agencies, land surveyors, architects, civil engineers, real estate developers & contractors, fire & safety departments, affiliating Boards, staffing consultants, curriculum planners, technology & equipment suppliers and others. CCoE provides the expertise for each of the complex processes and ensures that the Collegiate School is able to catch the first academic session as planned as well as complete the projects within the planned and approved budgets.

CCoE has the necessary experience to deliver turnkey solutions which involves complete responsibility to develop and launch the Collegiate School. Some of the benefits that CCoE services offer are:

  • Project management expertise
  • Detailed planning - qualitative & quantitative research led feasibility studies and financial planning.
  • Complete responsibility of execution - infrastructure design, construction, regulatory approvals and affiliations.
  • Branding and marketing - effective admissions process to achieve desired enrolments.
  • Best practices in curriculum development, lesson planning, teacher training etc.

Our schools are up and running, from regulatory approvals, to building and site acquisition, to development of the school's organizational structure - CCoE is there, each step of the way, to assist each Collegiate School and to ensure long-term success.

CCoE ensures end-to-end, turnkey solutions to Plan, Develop & Launch each Collegiate School. Leaving nothing to chance, CCoE covers the complete spectrum of project management and implementation services for Collegiate Schools. CCoE team along with our implementation partners offer following services as a one-stop shop:

Planning for each Collegiate School is the first step to build a world-class school and this phase resolves some of the following commonly asked questions:

  • What is the market demand and supply?
  • What are the Board preferences (K-12) in the local geography - CBSE or ICSE?
  • Will the project be financially feasible or what are the scenarios to make the project feasible?
  • What financial expectations can the group set in the short (<1 yr), medium (1-5 yrs) and long (>5yrs) term?
  • How many years would it take for the project to become self-sustainable?
  • How should we brand the school?
  • How will we get required regulatory approvals and affiliations?
  • Where do we look for architects and developers with expertise in K-12 schools?
  • How do we develop the right curriculum?
  • What are IT and other infrastructure requirements?
  • How can I get the best academic and administrative talent, locally, to run the Collegiate School?
  • How do we design and manage the admissions process for desired admissions?
  • What are the risks associated with the project and what can be the risk mitigation strategies?

If there is a phrase that captures the essence of CCoE services, it is 'quality in schools'. In all Collegiate Schools, everyone works very hard to provide every child with the individualized attention needed to learn, grow and achieve. Each school curriculum is centred on the child, with lessons and standards presented in ways that help students thrive and succeed.

To achieve this, several service areas align under the CCoE and one of them is 'academic support' to provide comprehensive educational services

  1. The Quality at Collegiate Schools (Q@CS) is the CCoE's focused and leading-edge approach that quickly and dramatically improves instruction quality at all levels. The Q@CS has been lauded by education policy makers, educational colleagues, authorizers, consultants and reviewers globally as innovative and highly successful, closing the achievement gap for students and facilitating ongoing improvement in quality across Collegiate Schools.
  2. Curriculum
    CCoE works with each school to determine and develop a specific curriculum program that meets not only the Collegiate Schools philosophy and affiliated Board requirement but also the local demands. CCoE staff assists by providing guidance on specific curricula and school improvement plans, as well as meeting academic measures and other requirement of No Child Left Behind, a global philosophy of Collegiate Schools. Curriculum development and implementation at the school is supported by the Q@CS team.
  3. Special education
    Collegiate Schools embraces the philosophy of full inclusion, believing special education students are often best educated in the regular classroom. Special education teachers and para-educators work collaboratively with teachers to provide personalized instructional programs for every child. We understand that early intervention is key to solving learning difficulties. All team members accept responsibility for students and modify, accommodate and adjust teaching techniques and class activities to meet the learning abilities of all children.
    Special education department at the CCoE supports and monitors programs at all Collegiate Schools sites. On-site, certified special education teachers provide and monitor services with oversight from the special education department at the CCoE.
  4. Student assessment and evaluation
    Educational growth is multi-faceted and evaluation should reflect physical, social and intellectual progress. Various assessment tools are used to determine each child's development and to measure the success of the Collegiate School in meeting its goals. The assessment and evaluation department at CCoE partners with each Collegiate School staff in the areas of high-stakes testing, quantitative and qualitative measures/reporting and School Improvement Plan (SIP) development. Using data collected through these assessments, data-driven decision making is utilized on an individual, classroom and school-wide basis.

To complement its educational support services, CCoE provides a wide array of professional operational services to each Collegiate School, including communications and marketing, human resources, legal counsel, risk management and technology.

Communications & marketing

CCoE marketing and communications team assists in the creation and implementation of personalized and strategic annual plans to attract students and ensure enrolment as per plan. Assistance in employee, media, parent and community communications is provided by the communications and marketing team. Services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Relations Assistance
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Web-site Development
  • Crisis Communications
  • Consultations
  • Event and Special Program Support
  • Parent Letters
  • Specialty Items
  • Surveys - Parent and Staff
  • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation

Specific advertising elements include print advertising (such as brochures, posters, fliers, newspaper advertising), television and/or radio campaigns and annual reports.

Human resources

The CCoE handles all recruiting, payroll, certification compliance, licensure and permitting, benefits and personnel matters for all employees and also assumes responsibility for the regulatory issues, if any.

The CCoE human resources department works collaboratively with school leaders, Principals and Directors, to recruit, hire and orient new staff, review employee qualifications and ensures that staff applies for appropriate permits and meet certification or licensing requirements. Background checks and unprofessional conduct checks are completed on all employees prior to hire.

Risk management

CCoE employs Risk Managers and the risk management department works to:

  • protect school and company assets from losses.
  • provide a safe work and service environment for employees and students.
  • keep Collegiate Schools and office services protected from depletion, interruption or destruction.
  • optimize the balance between loss control/prevention costs, insurance costs and the cost of administration of the risk management department function.

Whether helping each Collegiate School with planning field trips, transportation or protecting its building and assets, the department coordinates the planning, organizing, and controlling of property assets and activities for "just in case" scenarios.


Collegiate Schools receive support from the CCoE on all aspects of technology - infrastructure and network management, technical troubleshooting, support services for office operations and instruction technology in the classroom. The CCoE provides maximum technological services while minimizing budgetary impact by partnering on technology plan development and implementation, assisting and supervising school-based technology reports such as student count management, and acquiring appropriate hardware and software for educational and business purposes.

Budget oversight and financial reporting

The CCoE collaborates with each Collegiate School in the budget development process, fiscally supporting both short- and long-term goals and objectives.

The CCoE manages all school financial systems including:

  • accounting
  • budgeting
  • purchasing
  • long-range planning
  • investor reporting

For Collegiate Schools Governing Body, the CCoE is responsible for providing regular reports and:

  • proposed and revised budgets monthly status reports
  • coordination with an independent auditor
  • recommendations and advice on best-practice financial operations
  • following pertinent accounting procedures

Compliance reporting

The CCoE provides support in successfully operating according to the Departments of Education and affiliating Board regulations. The CCoE assists in accurate and timely compliance submissions, including producing and timely filing of compliance reports and associated paperwork.

Special projects

The CCoE assists with special projects, working quickly and efficiently to provide guidance and action in many areas.

  • Food service coordinator: supports schools in providing cost-effective canteen services that meet all hygiene, culinary and regulatory guidelines.
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Financing
  • Green projects: special projects to reduce each school's carbon footprint and make it more environment friendly.